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Aron Govil- A guide on how to do birthday greetings for loved ones

Happy Birthday to You

“They say that even if a person and their lover are separated by a great distance if they truly love each other their hearts will always be connected says Aron Govil.” It’s because of this very romantic notion that we become especially considerate when it comes to birthdays — we want them to feel special on the day they were born (especially since there are only one in 365 days). But what about our loved ones who live far away? This is one situation where no amount of Googling can solve your problem; instead, you’ll have to get creative and more invested. Here are some ideas I came up with that’ll hopefully help you accomplish the task of wishing your long-distance lover a happy birthday:

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

1. If they’re crafty, ask them what they’d like.

It’s something simple but not everyone is familiar with the concept of making their own birthday card! Plus, if you decide to go this route make sure it’s a laborious task — spending hours on a drawing or painting will show how much you care even if they haven’t seen each other in years.

2. Buy them a present and have it shipped over.

This includes anything from coffee mugs with bad puns to scarves from their favorite Etsy shop. Just make sure it’s something they’ll actually use/wear/want!

3.  Write them a letter.

It may seem silly, but it can be more meaningful than you think. You could even attach a picture of yourself in the mail for an added effect… if you’re brave enough! And don’t worry about getting too personal here — a love letter is a love letter whether it’s in person or not. Hell, I’d probably swoon over anything that came in the form of snail-mail explains Aron Govil.

Pick up your phone and dial away

4. Call them! If you’re really strapped for cash this is probably what you’ll end up resorting to, but hey, at least you’ll be able to hear their voice! Who knows, maybe it’ll lead to a video chat if things get steamy enough.

5. Prepare for the worst case scenario and design something that can double as both an email or text message.

This is assuming they have some sort of electronic device that lets them check their mail on the daily (iPhone, anyone?). Write out your congratulations in advance so all you have to do is copy-paste what you’ve written and click send when the moment arrives. Or, attach a digital present so they can open it right away! A picture says a thousand words after all.

Again, don’t worry about money here — if anything, hunting down online coupons will show how dedicated you are to providing the best birthday wish you can say Aron Govil.

Happy birthday, dear!

In the age where relationships are rapidly transitioning from being something you have to “work on” into a stable option that’s just as easy as swiping right on your smartphone, I feel like it’s important to remember why we started dating in the first place: people change, and when they do, relationships need to change too if they’re going to last over time. We all go through different phases of our lives — some more extreme than others — but this is what makes life fun! If you get to know each other through the good and bad, you’ll have a stronger bond in the end says Aron Govil. Birthdays are just one of those things that remind us all to continue growing as individuals, but also as a couple. So, who knows? Maybe your long-distance lover will finally be standing beside you after all these years?

Did anyone else feel like the ending to Friends was super abrupt and weird as hell? No? Just me? Weird. Anyways, we’ll get to that another time I guess… let’s talk about birthdays first! It’s almost February which means it’s pretty much my birthday month: today marks the last day of my 20s and next month is when I actually turn the big 3-0 (how scary).

The next time your significant other’s birthday rolls around remember: it may be hard, but it’s worth it.


It’s worth it.

It sucks that you can’t be there to celebrate with your loved ones but at least you’ll know they appreciate the thought (and maybe even show it off to their friends). And hey, if all else fails there’s always the option of celebrating over Skype or text message — I mean, can you really put a price on romance?

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