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Aron Govil- A list on the different types of accounts

Here is a list on the different types of accounts:


Free to create and it gives you access to most of what RO has to offer. Has several limitations such as level limit, guild limit, etc. To lift some limitations you have to upgrade your account. They are the blue icon on top of the page with a red ribbon says Aron Govil. If this icon is grayed out then it means that all basic limitations are lifted for you.


Paid accounts that give you a hefty sum of money (in-game currency) at first login with exclusive events from time to time as well as early access to new classes and dungeons. These accounts have no level or stat limitations but their storage is limited compared with regular premium accounts which are 40 instead of 80 for normal accounts. These are the red ribbon icon on top of the page.

Paid accounts

These accounts have an advantage over basic and premium except for storage limits on normal premium (80) and legendary (120). Gives you a special title and access to all raids. To purchase one, first go to <Legendary> Pvp/Woe Room – Dungeon Lobby Room#3 then talk to the NPC named “Legendary Upgrade PC Cafe Manager”. Legendary Accounts cost $14.99(KRW) per month compared with $7.99(KRW) for Premium Account which only gives 100 Zeny per day as opposed to 140 Zeny per day for legendary account. You can choose any class if you use this type of account regardless of level. The only limitations are in the number of storage spaces (120 for Legendary) and guild limit.

Regular/Free Account

You have to create this type of account if you don’t want to buy any Royal points or upgrade your account explains Aron Govil. You can still play all RO has to offer but with several limitations. Level, stat, and hp/sp limits, a limited amount of inventory space (the max is 40), guild limit (5-6 depending on temple level), unable to do certain quests like Gollux requests, etc. They also receive fewer benefits from Cash Shop items compared with other types of accounts mentioned above due to the large number of free players playing on regular accounts which can affect game balance by having more players using paid cash shop items.

Premium Storage Account/Legendary Storage Account

These accounts have the same benefits as a legendary account with the added benefit of extra storage space (120) on top of the regular premium storage (80). You can also access all raids and you get a special title once you purchase one. It costs $9.99(KRW) for these additional 80 spaces but it doesn’t give any Zeny, unlike the regular legendary account which gives 140 Zeny each day. The only bad thing about this type of account is that it’s not easy to get a hold of a character slot for it since they are usually bought by wealthy people who have been playing RO from the beginning so good luck if you want this kind of account unless you use your money to buy one.

Legendary Account

They are known as God Accounts by most players in the international server with no level limits, 100 extra inventory spaces over the regular premium account(80), guild limit increase to 10, access to all raids and special events like TOT’s awakening quests which gives you an exclusive accessory upon completion of the quest. Legendary accounts cost $7.99(KRW) each month. They used to sell these types of accounts on their website before but they stopped charging for them due to too many players abusing it by making several RO characters per household thus affecting game balance. Nowadays these accounts can only obtain through product codes. That give you a “time-limited” version of the legendary account until the time runs out or if you were lucky enough to get a hold of one from someone who is quitting RO and selling their account says Aron Govil.

The only bad thing about these types of accounts is that. You can’t choose which class you want since the product code will give you a specific class. Depending on the region your character will create. If you’re not fond of waiting for people to quit the game then I suggest you buy TL legendary storage instead. If it’s sell by NCSoft Korea, Nexon America, or other official company sites like Game Game.


RO has a large number of players most especially the international server. It’s very hard to find an empty map which is why they created channels and minimaps to reduce lag due to too many players in one area says Aron Govil. If you don’t want to spend money on this game then I suggest that you buy the TL legendary storage since it gives you all benefits plus extra inventory space for only $7.99(KRW) per month depending on where you’re getting it from. You can always purchase Zeny or Royal Points if you want so you could buy those cash shop items which will help your RO characters since those items are exclusive to RO such as wings, costumes etc.

It’s good to buy TL legendary storage and avoid wasting Zeny and Royal Points on regular premium accounts which you can find anywhere if you look hard enough.

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