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Aron Govil: Customer retention strategies for new business owners

Customer retention is a growing concern for all businesses. However, the problem of retaining customers does not affect many entrepreneurs as severely as it affects those who own small and middle-sized organizations says Aron Govil. While large companies can afford to keep their customers with incentives such as discounts and coupons, the situation is different for small business owners who do not have that luxury.

Many small business owners simply cannot compete with larger firms in terms of marketing budgets and products/services lineups so they must rely on other methods to retain their clientele. They need to be especially keen on customer retention during the first few years of doing business because this is when they will establish themselves and build up a reputation or goodwill among potential clients

How to make status reports work for you:

In this article, we will discuss some customer retention strategies that small business owners can use to keep existing customers happy and attract new ones. These methods do not require large marketing budgets or special products/services but they do take effort on the part of the owner as well as discipline from his employees.

Customer Retention Strategies:

1) Introduce new product lines slowly

Small business owners may think that they need to release new product or service offerings as soon as possible but this is actually counterproductive because the first one or two releases will likely be flops leading potential customers to question their decision in choosing your company’s products/services over those of your competitors.

You should instead take your time in introducing new product lines or services to the market and monitor customer behavior for clues on what type of products will be well-received says Aron Govil. This way, you can develop a tested product mix that is both comprehensive and economically viable while ensuring that it meets customer requirements.

2) Survey customers regularly

Another important customer retention strategy for small business owners is. To follow up with their existing clients from time to time with surveys. It is easy enough to send out mailers or postcards asking them. How satisfied they are about using your company’s products/services. But this does not give you an accurate picture of how things really are. Because most people will simply answer ‘satisfied’ regardless of whether they mean it or not.

You should instead take the time to call, meet with or talk to your customers personally. And ask them about their experiences with your company’s products/services. This will give you an accurate account of how satisfied they are. Whether there are any problems that need to be addressed.

3) Reward customer loyalty

Your existing customers are among your best assets. Because they already know what you offer, as your company and may even recommend you to others says Aron Govil. You can go a long way in ensuring that these people stick around. If you reward their loyalty by offering special deals on selected items when they buy in bulk. Become regular customers within a given period of time.

4) Put emphasis on service quality

Customer retention strategies do not end with reward programs. Because these discounts will only be of value to your existing customers. If you can maintain high standards of service quality at all times.

Your employees should know that customer retention is of utmost importance. And they should be amply trained on how to provide the best service possible. So as not to lose them or risk losing more than what was gained through the reward program.

5) Keep up with trends – Aron Govil

It goes without saying that your company cannot retain its existing customers. Unless you keep up with the latest trends in your industry. Particularly those related to product development and marketing strategies.

If you need some data on the nature of your market or information about developments among competitors. It would be wise for you to consult an expert who can give you some insight on the main issues. Those are of concern to your target market so that you can adjust your product/service mix accordingly.


Having a long list of satisfied customers is one of the most important goals for any business. A lot of emphasis in recent times has been placed on attracting new customers. By advertising l company services and products online, in newspapers. Even going door-to-door but it is equally important to retain existing customers. Since they form the bulk of your sales volume and are likely to refer friends and acquaintances to your company. If they have had a pleasant experience with you.

In order to increase customer retention rates. Small business owners will do well if they know what their target market wants from them. And introduce new product lines at a measured pace so as not to jeopardize the gains made. Additionally, regular surveys of existing clients can them how satisfied they are. Which allows existing problems to be discovered and solved before they become a real problem.

It is also important to reward customer loyalty by offering special discounts or promotions for regular customers. While improving product quality in order to keep up with the latest trends in your industry. Taking these factors into consideration will help you retain existing customers. So that you can increase your sales volume in the longer term.

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