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Aron Govil Discusses the Right Way to Fire Someone

There are several reasons why you might want to let an employee go, such as:

  • Insubordinate behavior
  • Excessive absenteeism
  • Poor job performance
  • Acts of assault, harassment, or discrimination
  • Criminal activity

Other than these, firing employees might have to do with reducing costs or enhancing efficiency.

Regardless of the reasons, firing an employee is never a straightforward job and, in this blog, Aron Govil discusses a few tips that will help you better navigate this tricky task.

The Right Way to Fire Someone as per Aron Govil:

Aron Govil Recommends Providing an Opportunity for Improvement:

If an employee’s inadequate performance is the reason that you are considering termination, Aron Govil says that you might want to explore other, less extreme options first. For instance, you could get the employee to agree to a PIP (Performance Improvement Plan). This will allow employees to track their performance, achieve their objectives, and reduce insubordination.

However, if you believe that you made a bad hiring decision and that the employee is not suited for their current role, letting them go might be the only option. However, you should have a personal conversation with them where you openly express your concerns. This way, the employee will get the time and opportunity to understand on their own that this job is not the best fit for them. After coming to this realization, there is a chance that an employee might resign by themselves.

Aron Govil Recommends Being Concise and Clear:

 As far as terminating an employee goes, going in circles is often tempting but far from the best approach.  You must be clear about what to say and how to say it, which is why Aron Govil suggests practicing your conversation before you deliver the news to the employee.

You must know precisely why the worker is being let go, and you should be armed with specific examples or evidence, as well as all required documentation. This documentation includes performance reports, write-ups (if any), and financial forms like 401(k) options, health insurance, and unemployment insurance.

Aron Govil Recommends Not Humiliating the Employee:

Even when you want to fire an employee, it is important that you do not strip them of their dignity. Doing the firing behind a closed door is a good start.

Remember that a termination is not just good for the employee being let go, but also for any other workers who witness the whole affair. It might make them insecure about their jobs and prompt them to wonder if they are going to be the next to be shown the door.

Other than that, it is also possible that the terminated employee has outside-the-workplace relationships with some of the other employees.

Therefore, Aron Govil advises employers and managers to fire an employee once the working day ends and everyone has gone home. This way, the employee will not have to clear out his working space and leave the premises in front of the other workers.

Final Word:

No employer likes to tell their employees that they are being let go – but sometimes, that is the only possible course of action. In such cases, it is important that you go about the entire process the right way, and make it as smooth and ‘clean’ as possible.

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