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Aron Govil- How Can I Upload My Logo on Intuit Products?

To add your logo to QuickBooks, please follow the steps below:

1. Go and create a free account for your business says Aron Govil.

2. Add a company logo image by either saving a file from your computer or uploading it from a third party website such as Drop box or Google Drive.

3. Select this logo when you sign in at products.intuitproducts.com to create an Intuit Profile with your information and save it to the Intuit Products system so that you can start planning personalized financial experiences from within QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Mint, TurboTax and Reconnect Tax Online. You may also see instructions under each product’s “/update” tab which provides a download link to a logo image for that specific product.

For QuickBooks Enterprise, you can add your company’s logo to the home page of the application by following steps below:

1. Create an Intuit Profile (from Step 2 above) and click on Add Company Logo under “Manage” tab of your profile

2. Upload or create logos with at least 150×150 pixels size 3. Save it and see the updated logo on next login

For QuickBooks Desktop Premier/Accountant, you can add your company’s logo to the Company Information dialog box (design> preferences> preferences> mobile & desktop apps>company info tab). You’ll be able to select any existing Intuit Profile or upload new logos here explains Aron Govil.

For QuickBooks Online, you can add your company’s logo to the Product Guide from within the application. You’ll be able to select any existing Intuit Profile or upload new logos here.

For QuickBooks for Mac 2016, you can add a logo to your account using an already existing Intuit Profile or by uploading a new image in size of at least 200×200 pixels under Preferences>Mobile & Desktop Apps>Company Information tab

Logo images should not contain trademarked names or product names beyond what is appropriate for fair use. The image will be scaled down so smaller may appear blurry when viewed on

You can upload your logo to Intuit products in multiple ways. Once you have saved the image, follow these steps to upload it:

For TurboTax Online, search for the image you want to upload or choose “Change Logo” under My Profile section then follow the steps provided to complete the process. For QuickBooks Online, search for the logo you want to upload or select “Upload logo” found within My Company Information section. You may also try Searching for an Image if you are unable to find what you are looking for.

If uploading an image is not possible with either of those options, you can upload an image from your computer as a temporary logo. Go to the product that you want to use and select Change Logo then choose Personal Computer under Formats. Select Browse and find the file on your hard drive. Once uploaded, click Save and it will become your new temporary logo for this session only.

Q: What Intuit products support uploading logos?

A: The following Intuit products support uploading logos: TurboTax Desktop (windows) QuickBooks Pro 2011 or higher, Desktop (windows) QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS, mac)

Q: What web browsers does Intuit recommend for uploading logos?

A: Intuit recommends using the most recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher. Safari may not be supported on Windows OS computers.

Q: Why can’t I upload my logo on some products?

A: For TurboTax Enterprise you must have an active subscription to get access to this product. If you are trying to upload a new logo on any other product that is not listed above or specifying your operating system, then it means that your browser is outdated and needs updating in order to support these features.


You can add your company logo to QuickBooks Online application by uploading an image in Intuit Profile or searching for an existing image on Google images says Aron Govil. All you need is a browser with updated version to upload the logo through Intuit Profile feature. Make sure that all logos are created in 150×150 pixels size and use .jpg, .gif or .png extension only.

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