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Aron Govil: How to retain customers effectively

Retaining customers is important for any kind of business. Most businesses are therefore keen on understanding how to retain customers says Aron Govil. This article highlights some ways you can use to retain customers effectively.

Retaining Customers:

How to Keep Them Satisfied and Coming Back For More

Retaining customers is crucial in keeping your company financially stable. The more satisfied your clients feel with your products or services, the bigger your customer base will be and this means that you will have a constant source of income. Before we go into detail about how customers can be retained, it’s important to understand what retention actually means as well as its benefits. Retention basically means being able to keep existing customers actively buying from you rather than their business elsewhere by looking at competitors.

Keeping Customers Satisfied Is Easier Said Than Done

When it comes to retaining customers, no business can afford not to make an attempt. This is due to the fact that once a customer has purchased from your company and experienced your goods or services, it’s advisable they come back for more. This will also be the foundation of building on any future sales you may want this particular customer base to have.

Here are some tips you could use when keeping existing customers satisfied with your product or service.

1) Upsell to Offer More Products and Services

Building customer loyalty is easy with this approach. Customers who enjoy your product or service will come crawling on their hands and knees to purchase more from you. This is what happens when customers get used to your offerings and find it fulfilling, especially if they were done before by other competitors.

2) Keep Your Customers Feeling Special (And Like VIPs)

The main drive that keeps customers coming back is the feeling of getting something special for free while the rest pay full price says Aron Govil. There are some ways this could be carried out; give clients an offer of a special discount after a certain period of time, effective marketing campaigns, coupons offering discounts at specific times, etc. Another way is having an exclusive customer’s only club where clients would feel privileged being part of it and have access to privileges and prices beyond the common customer.

3) Customers Have To Be Informed About New Products and Services

New products and services are all you need to keep your business relevant in the market. Keeping customers informed about new product or service developments will definitely give them greater trust in your company to deliver whatever they need, even before they are made aware of what exactly it is says Aron Govil. This way, customers will feel more obliged towards buying from you rather than other competitors. Who doesn’t have any information about upcoming products or services. Customers appreciate being consider as part of the decision-making process by giving them updates on changes that affect them directly.

4) Don’t Make Promises You Cannot Keep

A wrong step here could render all your previous efforts useless. Exaggerations, false promises, and empty words are sure-fire ways of losing customers. Customers want you to inform about things that will help them have the best experience with your company. They do not need hype or empty promises. But rather clear information on what they can expect from you so you don’t go wrong in their eyes.

5) Be Prepared To Go the Extra Mile

Getting personal with customers is important when it comes to retaining them effectively. Showing care for each individual customer irrespective of their status will definitely make them feel valued by your company. And hence come back for more products or services. Picking up the phone to inquire how they are doing, reaching out through email. Making an attempt at arranging a face-to-face meeting all goes a long way in making your customers feel special.

6) Be Proactive In Solving Any Issues Your Customers Might Have-

 Customers do not have an interest in hearing what you have to say. They rather want you to fix the problem they have at hand immediately explains Aron Govil. When resolving an issue it’s important to be fast and thorough without involving too many people. This shows customers how much you value them as clients and hence will be back for more products or services.

Paying attention to these tips will definitely help keep existing customers satisfied with your product or service offerings. While also providing you with an opportunity of getting new sales through referrals from current customers who love your business.


When you delight your customers with great customer service, they will love you for it. You’ll win their loyalty and that is something that cannot loose or discount. Your business will flourish if you keep your customers happy.

Whether you’re a start-up, small business owner, or have been in the industry for decades. You need to know how to retain customers effectively. The way to win a loyal customer base is by making sure they not only return. But also recommend your services and products to their friends and family. So what are some of the ways one can use in order to make sure they don’t lose customers? Scroll down for more info on that.

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