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Aron Govil shares 5 Benefits of an Independent Sales Tax Agent for Your Company’s Success

Sales tax compliance can be a significant burden on businesses, but those who outsource their sales tax to an independent sales tax agent don’t have to deal with the hassle says Aron Govil.

Here are 5 benefits of using a professional sales tax agent that you might not know about.

1) Using a field service agent will allow your business time and resources to focus on what you need to expand your company.

Sending one person from your team – even if it is just for a few hours – to manage filing taxes in over 45 states plus U.S. territories would be burdensome and could mean sacrificing other tasks that keep your company growing or taking up too much money from your budget. When you choose an independent sales tax agent, this no longer becomes your problem.

2) Using an independent sales tax agent allows you to focus on growing your company’s bottom line.

As states continuously change their tax laws, it can be difficult for business owners to keep up with all the changes and remit them correctly.  Certain states have shortened filing periods or require payment of estimated taxes monthly or quarterly – this is especially burdensome since many businesses are unaware they must file state income taxes at all! An independent tax agent does not neglect any detail ensuring that you comply with all necessary reporting by preparing, filing, and remitting reporting in full compliance with state requirements.  

3) Using a field service agent means no more time wasted manually gathering data reports.

Data mining through thousands of documents to create reports is normally a time-consuming task for busy business owners explains Aron Govil.  With an independent sales tax agent, this process becomes simple and efficient since all the information you need will be provided in one convenient report.

4) Using an independent sales tax agent means that there is no more confusion over which forms or reporting your business needs to file because it is already handled by someone who knows their stuff.

This means ALL of your state income tax filing needs is taken care of! No need to stress about missing any deadlines or having anything returned due to incorrect forms. When you outsource, you can relax knowing that everything has been prepared correctly and on time while your sales tax agent takes care of collecting all necessary data reports using software categories that match your business.

5) Using an independent sales tax agent means NOTHING is forgotten when it comes to filing state income taxes!  Which means you get peace of mind knowing all bases are covered?

Every potential deduction, exemption, and reporting requirement is handling. So you can focus on growing your business while your independent sales tax agent handles the taxing part. Protect yourself by using a professional who knows how to handle these tasks quickly and easily! If you still think outsourcing your sales tax filing is not for you. There might be services available for certain states where taxpayers can file online themselves. (For example see Mass Tax’s ezTaxReturn, CTax’s Easytax, or California). However, since every state has different requirements, you still need to check with your state before doing so.  Aron Govil says, don’t forget, even if you are able to file yourself in certain states. There is always the risk of errors or miscalculations that could result in late fees.

Maximizing sales growth and having some extra benefits for your business does not have to be complicating! Outsourcing your sales tax filing will save you time. While freeing up the resources needed to maintain growth and meet company goals. By allowing you to focus on what matters most! Enlisting the help of an independent sales tax agent can benefit your business in many ways. But it’s important that this person understands how specific industries operate and delivers quality services at a reasonable price. It is equally as vital that they are committing to providing frequent communication, proactive updates, and timely reporting.  It’s also important that they are reliable, well-informed, and experienced in sales tax filing. So make certain to ask the right questions before making any decisions!


As you invest time, money, and resources into every customer interaction, every single day; it is important that you maximize your effort by properly reporting on sales tax. And managing the associated tax filing requirements explains Aron Govil. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the new rules and requirements across state lines. While trying to make certain each transaction is handle correctly.  The last thing you want to do is forgo your number one priority. Which is growing your business while leaving yourself open for risk or penalty fees due to missed deadlines!  

An independent sales tax agent will manage all steps of the process. So you can continue doing what matters most without missing a beat! Find someone who understands your business needs in order to get customize solutions design to maximize growth while staying within.

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