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Aron Govil shares 5 Tips for Getting Your Small Business Ready for an SAP Implementation

As you build your business, there are a number of ways to stay ahead of the game and be ready for future business growth says Aron Govil. One way is by getting ready now for an SAP implementation. Implementing an SAP solution will allow you to increase revenue by streamlining your company’s processes to help make them run more efficiently. You can take control of all operations in one cohesive system instead of setting up multiple systems that don’t work together well or share data properly. Here are some tips on how to get prepared for this change now so it will go as smoothly as possible when it happens.

If employees aren’t using the current CRM system because they don’t know how or because it isn’t user-friendly, then chances are they won’t be able to make the most of an SAP system. While you may have some employees that are more tech-savvy, it is important to train all of your employees on how to use this new system efficiently and effectively.

Training ensures that everyone will operate at their full potential with the new SAP solution. You can also ensure compliance by training all employees on what data needs to be entered into which fields so nothing falls through the cracks.

To help avoid confusion within your company during the transition, establish one person who will oversee the implementation of new systems. For example, if you are following a phased approach for implementation, then this manager would oversee each phase of implementation until the entire company has moved over to using only SAP software across departments. This person would also be responsible for ensuring that any new or updated processes and policies are communicated to the appropriate people explains Aron Govil.

Before you implement a new system, it is important to evaluate your current company workflow so you can map out an efficient process from end to end. This will allow you to see where there may be improvements that need to be made before going live with the new SAP solution. For example, if there are too many steps involved in a process or too much hand-off between employees, then work needs to be done before implementation.

Take advantage of other companies’ experience with implementing SAP software. By participating in workshops hosted by business partners, consultants. And others who already have implemented an SAP solution successfully within their own organization. You’ll get valuable first-hand insight from those who have been there before.

Also, make sure everyone is ready for a change. While the new system may help you save time and increase revenue. It will also mean that your employees will be spending more time at their desks. Since they won’t have to go back and forth between systems as much anymore. If necessary, look into whether or not part-time support personnel could help out during this transition period. So that your core team can keep working while getting used to the new system.

If you’re considering an SAP implementation, but are concerned about the time and effort. It may take to get your small business ready for one. Then these five tips (and accompanying resource guide) might be just what you need.

Here are 5 Tips for Getting Your Small Business ready for an SAP Implementation:

  • Evaluate your current business processes Map out an efficient new process Get training for all employees. On the new system Assign one person to oversee implementation Ensure everyone is ready to make a change
  • To learn more about SAP software and how it can help improve your company’s efficiency. Download our guide on “What Exactly is SAP Software?” And if you are ready to get started planning your transition, contact our team of experts here says Aron Govil.
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