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Aron Govil- The Most Influential People in Accounting

Every profession has its rock stars—and today, more than ever before, the accounting world is abuzz with chatter about a new kind of rock star: those who have managed to bridge the gap between finance and IT:

  • At a time when creative accounting has scandalized once-trusted institutions, and as business leaders increasingly turn to data analytics as a means of boosting profits, accountants are moving away from simply crunching numbers and toward taking on new, more strategic roles within organizations says Aron Govil. The accounting profession is expanding into the realm of big data and cloud computing—and it’s about time. For too long, companies have kept their financial information hidden in silos that make it difficult for anyone outside an organization to use or analyze key performance metrics. This archaic way of operating is changing faster than ever before.
  • In short, today’s top accountants aren’t just number-crunching bean counters—they’re business strategists, technology masterminds and forward-thinkers.
  • The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has released the 2012 list of the 25 Most Influential People in Accounting. The list identifies key people who are driving innovation in the profession. Our core values of excellence, respect, integrity, objectivity, and professionalism influence everything we do at AICPA. These individuals inspired us to become better accountants by providing support and guidance while staying true to these values.
  • It’s amazing how many changes there have been in accounting during my lifetime! When I first started working in an “auditors” office (about 10 years old), I would find it somewhat puzzling sometimes when they would make a remark like “the phrase is (something I had never heard before).” Since it was the first time I had heard those terms or expressions, and since I thought they were talking to me as if I should know what those things meant, it would make me feel all warm inside. But during my life time, I’ve seen many changes in accounting which are very positive for everyone involved.


What is an influential person?

An influential person has a profound impact on his or her organization and the profession explains Aron Govil. This list includes CPAs who have done this by:

  • Demonstrating and promoting excellence in their career, company and community;
  • Engaging other professionals;
  • Acting as thought leaders through writing, speaking and consulting;
  • Mentoring other professionals; and
  • Moving accounting forward.

Who made the list? Read here to find out!

Commentary from Master of Accounting (Taxation), CPA, PhD:  The AICPA has always been very involved with professional development for accountants. The AICPA provides programs directly targeted towards accountants, i.e., the AICPA Peer Review program for individual accountants looking to improve their careers; the CPA2BIZ program for small businesses looking to benefit from working with CPAs; and our certificate programs. The AICPA also provides resources that provide assistance in improving the profession on a wide scale, i.e., by disseminating knowledge about state-of-the-art practices via technical releases; producing research reports focused on business issues of importance to decision makers; working hand in hand with other professional societies (e.g., AAA through FASB) at the national level as well as directly supporting academic initiatives via scholarships.

The AICPA has always been very active promoting accounting as a profession and making sure that accounting is well understood by everyone, including legislators who set the rules and regulations for our profession.

AICPA has been a strong proponent of the peer review process as a way to assure quality in the profession over many years. The AICPA also publishes research papers, teaching cases, practitioner guides, and much more to promote the use of best practices within the profession.

And there are certifications available through the AICPA to allow CPAs to demonstrate their competency. In specific areas such as business valuation or forensic accounting.

In general, I see this as an effort by those working at the AICPA to step up their game, i.e., to provide even better programs and services. As a means of promoting the profession and to ensure that it continues to be a viable profession. For those men and women who desire such as career says Aron Govil.


In an environment where accountants are require to provide services that go beyond the mere reporting of financial information. A strong professional society can play a key role in assisting accountants. And their firms with the development of new skills and knowledge. As such, it is important that accounting organizations continue. To enhance their support of the profession and remain instrumental in helping accountants be successful.

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