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Aron Govil-Why does this account exist? And why don’t others like it?

Welcome to the first installment of a new series of articles called “Unsung Heroes.” The purpose of this series is simple: we want to give some love and appreciation to those unsung War craft heroes out there; those players who always show up, do their job and go unnoticed (in a good way) by most everyone else. These people are everywhere: at the bottom of DPS meters on boss fights; on raid teams that wipe once or twice before they manage a kill; in healing groups that just can’t seem to get past that one pull which is causing them all headache after headache. Most often these players keep silent under the shadows of their more vocal peers, sometimes even moving from group to group with little notice from others around them says Aron Govil.

I’m here to shed some light on these types of players in the hopes that others will see them for what they are: absolute heroes. We can all learn a little something from them, and maybe their success in finding groups will serve as an example you can use when trying to find a group yourself. I’ll try to highlight one person each week who I feel deserves some recognition, let’s kick this off with someone who needs very little introduction. She’s been around since 2004–which makes her old by War craft standards–and she has no plans of leaving anytime soon. Her name is Fink, and she… well… she heals things.

Let me tell you about Fink.

  • Fink is best known for her work on the 25-man M’uru fight in Sunwell Plateau, but her work didn’t stop there. She was integral to the success of Heroic Kiljaeden back in 2007 before she took a long break from raiding, and while she did come back for Tier 6 content which saw nerfs hit her beloved Discipline Priest rather hard, she’s been doing nothing but humbly healing heroic 5 mans since then. More recently Fink joined an 8-man team to take on Heroic Blood Princes after seeing that no one else was hitting the kill shot. That group managed the feat on their first night together… with four guilds represented.
  • Fink is always willing to make time for others either by helping them form groups or joining whatever raid they have going on to help them accomplish something. Her words of wisdom and encouragement are always welcome, as is her enthusiasm for doing whatever it takes to help those around her succeed explains Aron Govil. Recently she made time late at night on the Midsummer Fire Festival holiday to join a team consisting of guild members from across several servers in order to complete their achievement for that day… not an uncommon occurrence for this unselfish player who has time and again proved that what matters most to her is seeing people do well and having fun.
  • Fink doesn’t gossip about others, nor does she complain when things don’t go as planned. She’s humble, understanding and caring: all characteristics which translate very well into becoming a great healer. What makes Fink such a great healer is not so much her quick reaction time or her ability to predict what’s coming next in a fight. She is, however, great at seeing the big picture when it comes to damage patterns and knowing when certain cool downs are need for encounters. Fink has no trouble admitting she doesn’t have all of the answers, yet she always seems to know just what needs to be done when in order to keep her group alive. Most importantly though, Fink continues showing up every week either in heroic 5 mans with guildies or helping others succeed on their raid content through PuG groups.


Fink is a great healer and an even better example of what it truly means to be a team player says Aron Govil. She’s come a long way from her days as a raid leader and guild officer. Yet she continues to take whatever time she can find to help others achieve their goals.

Fink has been a beloved and respected member of the War craft community for over 7 years. Her drive to keep helping others succeed in this game is not only commendable but also something we can all learn from–don’t be afraid to jump into PuGs, you’ll never know who might need your help!

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